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Clarence J.Denis (Animator & Illustrator)

Clarence Denis got into art by watching cartoons, anime and reading manga. From there, he would try to draw characters from TV shows like Steven Universe, Soul Eater, Adventure Time, or Fairy Tail.

Clarence has a wide variety of art pieces in his portfolio. But he would usually stick with animation, digital art, special effects, traditional art, and painting.

During high school, Clarence joined the Art Honor Society, took classes in digital drawing, and experimented with animation. He even took a class called CCDI (Corporate Communication Digital Imaging)where he would learn more about animation and film-making. After graduating from Elmont Memorial High School, Clarence attended Daemen University, where he studied animation and entrepreneurship. He graduated from Daemen Univerity in May of 2023.


Clarence would get a chance to display his artwork in a few art exhibitions, for example, the 2020 VPA Undergraduate Exhibition at Daemen University and the Monmouth University 2019 Annual Student Exhibition. Also, some of his artwork would be on the cover of Daemen University's Iconoclast book 3 times in a row.


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